Our Teachers

Josie Lazo

Sunday, 7:15 PM, San Francisco

Josie Lazo

Why do you practice yoga – Because yoga never picked me last to be on the team. I came for the headstands and stayed for the transformation into a better person.

Favorite asana pose – My favorite pose is the scorpion, vrischikasana. I can only do it with a wall so far. It’s got it all, an inversion, arm balance, backbend…(who am I kidding, it’s actually child’s pose which instantly drops me into the present moment and my breath.)

Why do you teach yoga – I teach because I love sharing my handful of knowledge that I’ve grasped from the mountain of yogic wealth as I continue to climb, explore and learn. Full pranams and gratitude to my teachers!

What are your classes like – My classes are chakra based from the ground up vinyasa flow with some mantra, pranayama and a short meditation if time allows. You will probably sweat. You will definitely connect with your breath.

One word to describe yourself – Oh man, seriously?

Well, then…VEGAN.

Monica Magtoto

Thursday 6PM, San Francisco

Why do you practice yoga – To calm my mind, to make space within myself, to liberate my soul, to overcome trauma in my body and spirit.

Favorite asana pose – Standing Half Moon!

Why do you teach yoga – To help empower people to find their own inner teacher and heal themselves through connection with their body and breath.

What are your classes like – Accessible to all levels but NEVER boring! We build strength as well as flexibility and focus on healing our relationship to our body-mind-soul.

One word to describe yourself – Chingona.


Trish Lin


Why do you practice yoga – Oh my, where do I even start?! One of the analogies that I use when it comes to yoga is that it’s like I’m peeling an onion layer-by-layer each time I learn something new about yoga, except that when I get to the core of the onion, there’s an infinite black hole of more learnings to be had. Plus, I’ve never walked out of a yoga class angrier or more upset at something going on in my life (Seriously, has anyone though?). Rather, I tend to walk out of class in amazement by how the practice has changed me for the better both physically and mentally in such a short period of time! That’s why I practice yoga.

Favorite asana pose – Hands down, Prasarita!!! I love how it makes my hamstrings feel and how it stretches out my lower back. Plus, I get to play with my balance on the balls of my feet. Recently, I had an ‘aha’ moment when I realized why we, as teachers, cue students to “pigeon toe” their feet… It’s so that we can actually hinge at our hips and fold our torsos over! *insert huge yoga geek moment here* I love figuring out how the body works in tandem with each yoga pose.

Why do you teach yoga – I teach yoga because I want people to feel good in their bodies. Growing up, I tackled some serious weight and eating-related issues as a ballerina that I would not want anyone to ever have to go through. Fortunately, I’m fully recovered from those days, and I now have a healthy attitude toward food and my overall health. My hope for everyone in life is that they come to terms with their bodies. I’m a true believer that yoga can help with this through the practicing mindfulness, being present, and getting to know one’s own body super well through each yoga pose.

What are your classes like – I teach a well-rounded, all-levels class and offer physical assists to all my students (only if they are open to that, of course!). My pace is a little slower and regulated than most to help students really connect with their breath while we flow. Music-wise, I’ve been playing around with my playlists (and always open to suggestions!), but recently, they tend to center around deep house music with a relaxed vibe.  

One word to describe yourself – Really? I can only choose one?! Okay, fine…if I had to pick one, I’d call myself a ‘geek’ (refer to “Favorite asana pose” section above) especially when it comes to all things yoga.

Sara Niforatos


Why do you practice yoga – I love what I get from the connection of the mind, body, and breath through asana. I also appreciate the emotional, physical and spiritual challenging of the practice. I’m a life long student!

Favorite asana pose – Dancer Pose (Natarajasana) as I love the connection of balance and beauty in the pose.

Why do you teach yoga – I find I teach what I need to be taught myself  I love connecting the spirituality of the practice with the postures and helping people be more connected to themselves through knowledge, and breathe linked to intention movement.

What are your classes like – I have more of a “power vinyassa” flow style, I like to challenge students while also helping them center in through stillness and intention.

One word to describe yourself – Spunky!


Aaron Sunshine


Favorite asana pose – Half pigeon

Why do you teach yoga – To return the gift that was given to me.

What are your classes like – Always all levels, intended to offer a challenge.

One word to describe yourself – Easy.


Our Founder


Khristine Jones

Yoga Punx was founded in San Francisco in 2010 by Khristine Jones, who is now based in the Central Coast area. Stay tuned for any news on workshops, retreats, and other special classes with Khristine!